NEW IMPRESSIVE Magic Tricks Revealed from David Blaine!
These Guides are so Revealing Professional Magicians tried to get them Banned
Now after YEARS OF SECRECY we can finally sell them to the Public!:

Impossible Wine Glass Balance

You are able to magically balance a wine glass on the edge of a table without it falling off. Challenge anyone else to do this and they wont be able to!

Fly Resurrection
You find a dead fly on the floor and by slowly blowing on it you bring it back to life and it flies off! As performed by David Blaine on his street magic tv special!

Chosen Card To Their Beer Bottle
Yes! You read it correctly! You ask someone to choose a card from the deck, this is then replaced, shuffled and it magically travels from the deck to INSIDE the bottle they are drinking out of!

Rope Through Finger
You ask someone to hold out their finger, you then wrap a piece of rope / shoelace / tie (or similar) around it. Then suddenly you pull it tight and it passes straight through their finger, leaving their finger in one piece and pain free! SCARY! As performed by Criss Angel!

Vanishing Coin
You hold any coin out on your palm, with a tap of a pen it vanishes-LITERALLY VISIBLY VANISHES in front of your spectator’s eyes!

Broken & Restored Tooth Pick/ Cocktail Stick
You wrap a tooth pick/ cocktail stick in a serviette, your spectator is then handed the napkin and told to snap the toothpick as many times as they want through the napkin. You magically wave your hand over the napkin and the toothpick is completely restored!

The Vanishing Glass
You hold any coin out on your palm, with a tap of a pen it vanishes-LITERALLY VISIBLY VANISHES in front of your spectator’s eyes!

Voodoo Ash
A name is written on a notepad by the spectator, the paper is torn off unseen by the magician, crumpled up and set alight. The ashes are then rubbed on the magicians arm and the name of the person written on the paper mysteriously appears! As performed by David Blaine on his Street Magic tv special!

Twisting Arm
You are able to visibly twist your hand 360 degrees. Your spectator tries it at the same time… of course they can’t do it! You can actaully hear the crunching sound of your bone cracking as you twist your arm around...SCARY! As performed by David Blaine!

Banana Kung Fu
You take a banana off a bunch or out of the fruit bowl, then using ‘Mental Kung Fu’ you slice it without touching it. Remember this banana is a real, unpeeled, ripe banana. When your spectator peels the banana they find it cut into 4 perfect slices!


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